ZERO Jersey Knit Skirt

ZERO Jersey Knit Skirt

40.00 100.00

100% Cotton

The jersey skirts are hand knitted on custom needles by the finest artisan in Cornwall. Square in-seam pockets maintain the zero waste on textiles with a small stitch size to compliment the co-ordinate jumper. 


XS - UK 4-6
S - UK 8-10
M - UK 12-14
L - UK 16-18

Model wears size S.

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  • Our jersey knit skirts are designed in our Cardiff atelier before we source our fabric from Leicester. 
  • It then takes our impeccable interns ONE day to hand cut the fabric and create the yarn ensuring not one scrap of fabric goes to waste before being sent off to Cornwall alongside square cut pockets.
  • Our expert artisan Stacie then hand knits your skirt on custom made needles hand carved from wood. 
  • On return to Cardiff we inspect each skirt to ensure it meets our level of perfection before sending it out to you.

Everything is done entirely within the UK.