ZERO Jersey Knit Short

ZERO Jersey Knit Short

90.00 180.00

100% Cotton

Hand knitted on custom needles by the finest artisan in Cornwall, these oversized jersey knitted shorts are designed with gender fluidity at the forefront of it's aesthetic. Square in-seam pockets maintain the zero waste on textiles with a varied stitch size detail from the knee. A heavy, quality garment and perfect statement addition to any wardrobe. 

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  • Our jersey knit shorts are designed in our Cardiff atelier before we source our fabric from Leicester. 
  • It then takes our impeccable interns A DAY AND A HALF to hand cut the fabric and create the yarn ensuring not one scrap of fabric goes to waste before being sent off to Cornwall alongside square cut pockets.
  • Our expert artisan Stacie then hand knits your jumper on two sizes of custom made needles hand carved from wood. 
  • On return to Cardiff we inspect each short to ensure it meets our level of perfection before sending it out to you.

Everything is done entirely within the UK.