3 ways to use Excel as a Fashion Designer

My previous post shined a light on all the fancy apps I use to keep my mind a little more focused and on track, but this piece celebrates the trusty programme: Microsoft Excel. Read on for various template downloads and how I, as a fashion designer, utilise this software in multiple ways.

social media calendar

This is a must for anyone managing a social media platform of any kind. Into this, data such as twitter chats, awareness days and scheduled posts is entered and colour coded accordingly it's a quick go-to when scheduling content, creating campaigns and organising my platforms. You can download a FREE 2017 social media calendar in PDF format here with over 60 notable dates and events already entered for your convenience. You're welcome. 


A technical specification sheet summarises all the details of a garment. This is the perfect tool for simple data entry and compiling all the relevant information in one place. The Excel layout is the most basic format I use before developing a multiple page tech pack in the likes of Adobe Illustrator etc. - but that's another blog post entirely. Click here for a free download of this template. 


As mentioned previously, I am a sucker for colour coding my life and organising it in every possible way. You may think I am super organised and on track, but unfortunately, I obsess over lists, calendars and schedules because I'm quite the opposite and need every source of productivity to keep me in check. That being said my personal action plan is a great overview of large projects dissected into bitesize and manageable tasks, clearly highlighting my progress aims over a long period of time. Download yours here

It is worth noting I use Excel for an incredible array of tasks including my book-keeping, costing sheets, colour coded planner and tracking social media analytics to name a few. I just felt these three to be the most desirable for any fashion entrepreneurs out there. Let me know what you think in the comments below!