An Open Letter to my Friends

These blog posts seem to get more and more personal but I feel this one is needed especially after my elusive summer and in the run up to Christmas. This honestly applies to all my incredible friends and those in my support network who continue to stick by my side. So...


Dear Friend,

I'm sorry I've not been there recently. Thank you for your patience with my waning presence. It's hard, and sometimes I feel isolated when I can't join in down the pub, or make the forty minute drive for a camping trip. But whether you turn up at one of my Xandra Jane events, or message me out of the blue to check I'm still alive and okay - it means the world to me.

Knowing you're constantly there for support without needing the endless conversation is more encouraging than you could possibly know, most of all, that you continue to invite me to places even though you know I can't afford the time or money to attend. You politely nod as I ramble on about the same old story with work (which I'm sure bores you half to death) - but none the less you still offer me invaluable advice and words of encouragement.

So thank you for sticking by my side regardless if my journey leads to success. We are at an age that defines our future and I'm so proud of your achievements as well. The feeling that those I love are fulfilling their dreams in life through travel, career choices or even starting a family. There is comfort knowing your happiness and it fuels mine too, because one day I will return to your friendly face and get a round in with the pleasure that here on in it's us as a team, and always has been. 

- Your elusive friend.


They say life is too short and believe me, i know more than most how true that can be. but working towards a personal goal is never a bad thing and shouldn't be taken away from you. I feel blessed to have these people in my life and felt it important to let them know how much i really appreciate them, ESPECIALLY AT THIS TIME OF YEAR WHEN WE OFTEN REFLECT.

Alexandra Jane WallComment