Elevate Your Knitwear

Following on from the success of the womenswear styling post, as promised I have ventured out between the rain to piece outfits together in terms of menswear. It is worth mentioning I donated pieces from the collection to a student project recently and they used the ZERO jersey knit skirt as a snood. I thought this was such an innovative approach to the garment - as mentioned in My Sustainable Journey I think it's so important to look at your wardrobe with 'out-of-the-box' ideas in order to prolong garment's longevity and inject some excitement to the clothes you may have lost lust for.

1. rips and refinery

Pairing the popular natural jersey knit jumper with some staple ripped knee jeans and a smart shoe (here in the colour oxblood), will add a sense of gentlemanly class to an otherwise relaxed outfit. This one size fits all & both gender's jumper, tends to have a classic tailored fit on the male physique which really compliments the shoulders through its stitch detail and refined shape. 


A relaxed, tailored denim shirt with a complimentary fit will forever marry with the natural jersey knit shorts. Tied off with a mid-top trainer in a tone to complement the knitwear, this outfit is your perfect daytime go-to. 

3. If The Shoe Fits

A statement t-shirt will compliment any colour of the jersey knit short, but the overall style of the outfit will be dependent on the shoe choice. The ZERO designs are versatile. These shorts paired with a smart shoe adds a dynamic to a garment, otherwise classified as streetwear, you may not have thought possible. I'm sure it comes as a surprise that there are also many different shades of black (no, honestly) - here the shorts add a depth of colour complimenting the accompanied elements of this outfit. 


Every wardrobe is home to the plain white t-shirt and a marl grey hoodie. Team with your favourite gym shoes for ultimate high-end fashion comfort, perfect for those lazy Sundays. Let the detail of the two-scale knit stitch do the talking.  


We've paired this slate jersey knit jumper with a smart jogger to highlight the luxe street style influence the collection initially revolved around. A clean white trainer balances the eye between the busy detail of the fabric manipulation up top and the considered, muted colour palette on the bottom. 

6. Contrast 

Match the top to the shoe and contrast in between. A heavier boot (here in black suede) matches the heavy scale of the knitwear and rounds off the colour palette of the outfit nicely. A slim fit trouser tailors the silhouette and to highlight the illusion of a broader shoulder.

And there you have it, I personally felt more successful with the menswear styling post (though my favourite outfits still stand as the natural jersey knit skirt with fitted jumper and jersey knit jumpers as a jumper dress, see them here). As always please feel free to contact me through social media and share your styling advice and preferences, I love seeing how you approach the ZERO collection with your own eye for detail. 

Each ZERO garment is assigned a unique journey card ensuring 100% traceability. I promote slow fashion, the process of reconnecting to your clothing and translucency in my ethical and sustainable clothing line. If you are still on your journey to discovering if and why you should rebel against fast fashion, then spare two minutes and watch the video below.

Alexandra Jane WallComment