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Xandra Jane Philosophy 

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Our aim is to reconnect you to your clothing, rebel against fast fashion and pave the way for a modern, refreshing and sustainable future. let's take this journey together.




our iconic journey cards

We pride ourselves on providing traceability in our work and praise everyone involved in the process. Each garment is assigned a unique journey card, so you may be surprised how many incredible creatives and devoted hours it takes to deliver luxury to your wardrobe. With information such as fabric sourcing and labour time, you can be sure to reconnect with your clothing and its journey from creation to closet. 

Our Design Approach

With our atelier in the centre of Cardiff, the approach to clothing stems from unusual, original concepts often enhanced by cultural interests and revolve around sustainable design. Our manufacturing takes place entirely within the UK. We explore gender fluidity through zero waste processes and up-cycled luxury with Spring Summer collections that celebrate reworked one-off garments.


Alexandra's Story


Female Business Leader Finalist 2017
New Business Finalist 2017
Sustainability Champion Finalist 2016
Calvin Klein PVH Design Programme Finalist 2016
Showcased at GFW 2015
Modeconnect YourView Finalist 2015
FAD Shortlisted 2015
Having spent time alongside Haute Couturier Suzie Turner, luxury streetwear brand KTZ and with the design team at AllSaints to name a few, my experiences led me to develop a keen interest and curiosity into sustainable design. A tough reality of London living costs combined with low paid placements resulted in me returning home to Wales. I felt like I had failed at the chance to enter the industry.

A year on, I have established my own clothing line in the heart of my home city which exercises the morals and business ethics I feel so strongly about. I take pride in my journey so far, yet know it is only the beginning.
— Alexandra Wall, Founder & Creative Director

R e c o n n e c t

The fashion industry is second only to oil for how polluting it is to our environment.

80billion articles of clothing are consumed each year.

It would take a fast fashion brand 12 years to recycle 1000 tonnes of clothing waste... that's roughly the same amount it produces in 48Hours.

60Billion SQ metres of fabric are thrown away each year, that's the size of Switzerland.

It takes 2720Litres of water to make one t-shirt. That's how much we normally drink over a 3 year period.

A staggering one-in-six people work in the global industry.