Sketchbook Series || CRYS SS17

The Xandra Jane philosophy is to reconnect you to your clothing. I've always felt it a shame that you only see the polished end product in the fashion industry - I think it's a huge factor to the general disconnect from clothing that people have. 

5 Application & Interview Sins

Obviously the employer wants to hone in on your interpersonal skills, your verbal skills, and in the creative industry; your handwriting as a designer. Please note when a job application mentions handwriting, this doesn't literally mean how neat you are when taking down notes, it means your aesthetic as a creative - there we go, you can have that tip for free.

Tailoring the Fashion Industry

Given my recent success presenting my journey as a designer and my personal experiences which have led me to become so passionate about sustainability, I'd like to invite you to read through the speech and hopefully my passion on the subject can translate through your screen. 

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Fashion Fix || Collar Edition

As promised, here is one of many upcoming tutorials on upcycling, designing, altering and fixing your clothes. Here, my Dad had a Ted Baker jacket where the top collar had a rip in the leather. I hope he doesn't read this as I've fixed it for his birthday

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5 steps to Productivity

Self motivation tips are hard to provide when it's such a personal journey to productivity, but my top five are listed below, and I promise, even if you take one on board, you will see a difference to your output given you have a clear vision of your end goal. 

Elevate Your Knitwear

I personally felt more successful with the menswear styling post. I think it's so important to look at your wardrobe with 'out-of-the-box' ideas in order to prolong garment's longevity and inject some excitement to the clothes you may have lost lust for.

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